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HoneyHive gives developers the tools, workflows, and visibility they need to safely deploy and continuously improve LLM-powered products.

Trusted by AI-native companies

"It's critical to ensure quality and performance across our LLM agents. With HoneyHive's state-of-the-art monitoring and evaluation tools, we've not only improved the capabilities of our agents but also seamlessly deployed them to thousands of users — all while enjoying peace of mind."

Divyansh Garg

Co-Founder & CEO, MultiOn


All the tools you need to build enterprise-ready LLM apps

Test Suites for Offline Evaluation
Observability and Analytics
Collaborative Prompt Engineering Toolkit
Debugger for Chains, Agents & RAG Pipelines
Evaluation Metrics and Guardrails
Data Store
Logs, Traces and Test Cases
Model Registry and Version Management
1-click OpenAI Fine-Tuning

Confidently go from Playground to Production

Mission-critical evaluation, testing and prompt engineering tools to help you iterate and deploy LLM apps with confidence.


Rapidly iterate with your team in the Playground

Prompt engineer with PMs and domain experts in a collaborative workspace, with automatic version control, logging, and external tools like Pinecone.


Run end-to-end evaluations to ship with confidence

Programmatically test your chains, agents, and data retrieval pipelines against your own metrics and guardrails.


Continuously improve with powerful analytics in production

Observability and self-serve analytics to help you better understand your users and continuously improve your AI-powered product.


Get clear visibility into model performance

Get granular insights into usage, performance, and user behavior, with user feedback, metrics, and data slicing.


Rapidly debug LLM pipelines and any sources of errors

Debug complex chains, agents, or RAG pipelines and root cause errors with AI-assisted RCA.


Find hidden insights in unstructured text

Analyze common themes and clusters of interest in your data to get insight into user experience.

Loved by developers

Seamlessly integrates with your LLM stack

Built for developers

Any model, any framework. Works with any model, orchestration framework, or external plugin.

Pipeline-centric. Purpose-built for complex chains, agents, and retrieval pipelines.

Non-intrusive SDK. Does not require proxying your requests via our servers.

Helps your entire product development team

Enterprise-grade security & scale

Adopt AI safely and with confidence across your company, with end-to-end encryption, role-based access controls, and PII sanitization.

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Data privacy and security

Deploy on the HoneyHive Cloud or your own VPC. You own your data and models.

Built for enterprise scale

Cloud native architecture automatically scales up to millions of requests.

Dedicated support

Dedicated CSMs and 24/7 founder-led support to help you at every step of the way.

Build more trustworthy and reliable AI products.