Optimization Platform for Large Language Model Apps

Continuously improve large language model apps with observability, evaluation and fine-tuning tools.

A powerful platform to continuously improve your AI-powered apps.

Leverage user feedback to analyze your models.

Unlock powerful insights with end-user feedback. Easily visualize custom metrics, compare data slices and find actionable ways to improve your models in production.

Run experiments to find the best variants.

Evaluate performance, compare variants, and run experiments in production against custom metrics to find the best prompts and hyperparameters for your users.

Compare performance across model providers.

Easily A/B test new foundation models against GPT-3 and make informed decisions by evaluating the cost, latency, and performance tradeoffs.

Personalize your models to each user.

Seamlessly deploy tailored prompts or models to specific user cohorts with the same API endpoint. Add custom logic for shadow deployments and rollouts.

Fine-tune models for higher performance at lower cost.

Automatically log model generations and user feedback to fine-tune models on your proprietary data with cutting-edge fine-tuning techniques.

A customizable SDK for all your LLMOps needs.

A simple workflow to kickstart your data flywheel.

Integrate SDK

Log your LLM requests and user feedback with a simple SDK


Deploy new models or prompts in seconds with built-in monitoring


A/B test prompt variants and evaluate performance with objective metrics


Select your best datasets and fine-tune custom models in a single click

Evaluate generative tasks with objective metrics.

  • Monitor performance & degradation with off-the-shelf embeddings-based metrics
  • Create your own custom metrics for your unique use-case
  • Identify concerning behavior before it becomes a problem

Use your data to gain a competitive advantage.

  • Use your proprietary data for fine-tuning and model distillation
  • Reduce cost and latency while maintaining performance
  • Enrich your datasets with user metadata and custom metrics

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